OK... I'm a bit late but that's because I've been sick for three weeks. I really love a new year. Great time to reflect and plan. New year with new goals.

:blue Goals for 2015
  • Get more involved in the local developer community.
  • Continue to work on my open source projects (TestR, Speedy, etc...)
  • Pay off my house (woot!)
  • Continue body building and hit 175 pounds and still be 12% body fat or less.
  • Start stretching and be able to do a full leg split.

Last year was such a great year. I spent the last year learning more about GIT, AngularJS, Entity Framework, and many other new things. Out of everything I learned my favorite is the deeper understanding of Entity Framework I now have. The more time I spend using Entity Framework the more I really enjoy it.

When I started using GIT... I wasn't much of a fan. However the more time I spend with it the more I like it. Recently I have had to go back to using TFS and frankly I'm really missing GIT. TFS is a fine source control server but I prefer the workflow of GIT.

This year I'm really looking forward continue working on my open source projects. TestR currently is a great framework that provides developers with a simple API to automate web testing. This year I want to add Windows support that would allow automating of Window applications. I also want to continue my work on Speedy which is my key value pair repository. This project needs work but I've learned a lot starting it.

I also plan on attending at least one developer meeting a month. I've also signed up to speak at my local developers guild meeting and a put in another request to speak at a larger event. Really excited but nervous at the same time. I hope they accept because I feel speaking at events would bring me to the next level and force me to really continue working hard on my open source projects. I hope speaking and sharing my projects will also get some feedback from other passionate developers.

I will continue my journey in fitness and body building. 2013 was a turning year in my fitness journey. It's when I switched from a power lifting focus to a body building focus. 2014 was ok but not as good as 2013. I got more focused on my career and didn't give enough effort and focus toward my fitness routine. This year I'm going to go hard and give more attention to fitness. And yes you read that goal correctly... I will attempt to work on stretching and hit that goal of being able to do a split by the end of 2015.

Let's rock this year and Become EPIC!