I've been accused of being a Microsoft fanboy on many occasions. Every now and again I like to reflect my progress to see where I'm headed and if I'm on track with my all my goals. The other day I really got to thinking about my career and the fact that most of my technology stack I use is Microsoft focused. I wondered if this is an issue or not?

Nope it's not.

Why would it be? I thought why is it bad to be an expert (at least as close as I can be) in the field or area of my choice? I love the .NET (C#) stack and associated technologies. C# in my opinion C# is the most beautiful language I've ever used. The syntax is pretty much perfect. There isn't a better developer IDE than Visual Studio. Let's just say that every time I've worked outside Visual Studio it's hasn't been that great of an experience.

Some suggest that I don't have to use Microsoft technologies and I agree. However if the Microsoft stack can solve my issues and I'm really efficient using it then why wouldn't I? You don't go to someone who is really great with playing a guitar and enjoys it then suggest them to start playing another instrument. Hey I know you are really great at playing the guitar but you really should start playing the piano.

How does that make any sense?

The goal is to solve the problems with a solution that meets the need in the time that is provided. Usually the time provided is less than what is needed, right? I have found the Microsoft stack allows me to solve the problems really quickly and effectively while have fun doing so. And I love having fun!

I can make products sing and dance on Microsoft technologies where others struggle to just make them work. Why is that? I think it's because I embrace the Microsoft technologies and have fun working with them. Yes, I...

  • Do all my work on a Surface Pro 2
  • Pretty much use Visual Studio exclusively
  • Using a Windows Phone
  • Have all my sites hosted on Azure
  • Use OneNote with SkyDrive (which is awesome combination, btw)
  • Do all my scripts in PowerShell

As you can see I'm pretty much a Microsoft fanboy. Why not fanboy or fangirl out on any technology stack of your choice? Here is my suggestion. Try them all and find a stack that you enjoy. Rock it out and be the best you can. All in all make sure you are having fun doing so!

Rock on and Become EPIC!