I frequently get asked, "What are the specs on your machine?". So I decided to go ahead and list here all the items that make my rig. I built this machine in December of 2015.

Case - Enthroo Pro

So there are a lot of opinions on cases and I read a lot on what kind of case to get for specific purposes. Do you want lights? Do you want USB 3.0? Is it big enough to disperse the heat correctly? Where are the fans and how big are they? I'd love to tell you I put a lot of thought into my case. The truth is... I have a friend, whom I will not name, who works for a huge computer company, which I will also not name, who gave this to me for free! And I don't turn down free :).

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CPU - Intel Core i7-5820K

When I was looking for a CPU there were a couple things I had to factor in. First was since I write code in Visual Studio, I was looking for something that would give me faster build times. Since MSBuild utilizes each core I knew that the more cores I had, the faster the build times. Second was gaming. After doing a lot of research I chose this CPU and have had zero issues with speed or reliability.

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Hard Drive - Samsung 950 Pro 512gb NVMe

Ok so I literally waited to build my machine until this drive came out. It is fast... it is really fast. Just to give you guys some perspective I am putting below the comparison of the Samsung 850 Pro SSD and this drive.

| Drive | Write Speed | Read Speed |

| --- | --- | --- | | 850 Pro | 520 MB/s | 550 MB/s | | 950 Pro | 1,500 MB/s | 2,500 MB/s |

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Liquid Cooler - Enermax Liqmax II 240

So this is pretty much that same story as the case. Can't beat free. I will say this if I was purchasing my own I would not have picked this brand off that bat. I probably would have bought a Corsair or some other brand.
BUT... with that being said I have had ZERO issues with this radiator. It has been a champ. My machine never gets above 29 degrees Celsius. I would highly recommend this.

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Motherboard - Asus X99-PRO/USB 3.1

One of the most overlooked components for a PC. Most people just think of the motherboard as a host for their Video Card and CPU. I wanted the best. This board was super easy to setup. It has a great layout and none of my components were difficult to install with plenty of space between them. The UEFI/BIOS configuration is pretty powerful and easy to work with.

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Power Supply - Corsair RM850i

My buddy was able to get an amazing deal on this for me so I bought this power supply. It is full modular which is awesome for cable management. I have exactly the cables I need with nothing loose hanging around. No issues with power on this bad boy.

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Ram - 32gb of Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666MHz

When your motherboard supports DDR4... you buy DDR4. This ram is screaming fast. But you might be asking "Why 32 gb? You will never use all that ram." Well if all I was doing was gaming you would be correct. But I can have multiple instances of Visual Studio open, 5 virtual machines running and play Overwatch and still not use all of my ram resources. So is it overkill... I'm just getting started.

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Video Card - EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti

When I bought this card it was one of the best on the market. I know the 1080 is out now but I have not upgraded because quite honestly... I have not needed to. This card is a beast. I can turn the settings on any game all the way up and never see substantial dips in framerates.

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