• Release coming soon

Insider Preview

  • New debugging interface (very beta)
  • Fixed debugger highlighting
  • Fixed opened file with existing changes bug
  • Fixed scrolling issue with selection control (credential, type selection)
  • Fixed issue with auto saving marking tabs incorrectly as saved


  • Added markdown strike through support [~~]
  • Fixed a few highlighting issues
  • Added support for new console process, better x86/x64 switching
  • Fixed auto completion issue with .NET code
  • Added autosave for unsaved changes, previously only saved on exit
  • Fixed issue with auto license renewal


  • Minor fixes to tab completion
  • Updates to cmdlet documentation
  • Fixed issue with -NonInteractive command line interface not shutting down OmniShell after execution
  • Updates to Start-WebServer to allow more control on response details.
  • Fixed 'too fast' scrolling for some touchpads, mice, and wheel devices.
  • Isolated the shell to it's on app domain, no more dependency collision!
  • Added (beta) Start-WebServer, Stop-WebServer, Get-WebServer
  • Changed main menu (press alt) to replace icon toolbar instead of pushing it down
  • Fixed issue with remote sessions and local OmniShell cmdlets
  • Fixed performance issues with text editor scrolling
  • Fixed a few code completion issues
  • Added folding support for JSON (more languages coming later)