• Added support for exempting process by ID when doing Application.CloseAll
  • Added timeouts to Application.Close
  • Updated TextArea and TextInput's Value property to use attribute setting instead of TypeText
  • Fixed type text with Internet Explorer to allow new line Value
  • New release due to build issues not letting 1.2.0 get all expected changes
  • Setup continuous integration and build process
  • Added Wait to element using default timeout
  • Updated DefaultTimeout to 60 seconds
  • Removed DefaultTimeout from Utility.Wait
  • Added Browser.Timeout shortcut to Application.Timeout
  • Fixed bug in GetElements not setting parent
  • Fixed WebElement focus to trigger event
  • Fixed Select Text to trigger event
  • Added GetNextSibling and GetPreviousSibling to Element
  • Moved TypeText to WebElement
  • Added Text to Select WebElement
  • Added getSelectText and setSelectText to TestR.js
  • Added WindowState to Desktop Window
  • Added MoveWindow override to Application
  • Fixed issue with Application.Attach where application would be "unmaximized" when attached
  • Fixed issue with deep relationships
  • Added Wait function to ElementHost (browser, application, element)
  • Fixes for Firefox browser
  • Added resize for Application and Browser
  • Added LeftClick to Element
  • Added method chaining capability to ScrollIntoView
  • Removed debug statements from JavaScript
  • Added Mouse.LeftClick override that allows X, Y values.
  • Fixed issue with TestR ID value.
  • Fixed issue with Form attributes that were being overridden by child inputs.
  • Fixed stack overflow issue when building element structure.
  • Fixed issue with slow loading pages and NavigateTo returning to early.
  • Fixed the NavigateTo and WaitForNavigation when navigating to the same address.
  • Added alternate URI for WaitForNavigation that allows automatic navigation from https to http or vise versa.
  • Fixed issue with WaitForNavigation that ended with "/".