I've been a "Microsoft Developer" for years. Really all that means is that I really enjoy the C# language and the tools that surround it. It's not that it's the only language I know but it's the one I prefer. C# allows me to write code for desktop, web, mobile, and even embedded devices.

Windows Phone

I was so excited when the Windows Phone 7 came out that I actually paid >1k in total to get out of my Verizon contract and got my wife and I new shiny WP7 phones. I road the Windows Phone train for a long time. I've very disappointed on how that played out. I still feel the Windows Phone has so much potential but not sure how Microsoft is going to convince people to write apps.


Which is actually what got me to switch to Android about a year ago. I finally gave in and was deciding between an iPhone SE or an Nexus 5X. I decide then to get the Nexus 5X and experience the Android in a way that Google intended. The previous Nexus phones were supposed to be exactly that but now it's all about the Google Pixel phones.

I did not find the Google Pixel announcement to be exciting. I was really hoping for a 4" phone and was not pleased about the price point of the Pixel. I decided it was time to just try out the iPhone SE.


It's been a long time assumption that people were switching to the iPhone just because of Apple's reputation and the so called "build" quality of the phones. Don't get me wrong I totally give Apple props for the quality of their devices. The hardware is built very well. The only issue I have as a Windows (PC) guy is that normally the specs are underwhelming and expensive.

The quality of the iPhone SE is just on point. The phone feels great. I absolutely love this form factor. I really hope they continue to refresh this line. I don't even care if they do it every other release cycle. Now what about the software.

Now what about the software? How well does the phone perform. I am truly amazed at how fast this phone is. Switching apps is just snappy. Apps start up very quickly and are ready to be use in just moments. I was very surprise how much faster the iPhone SE was to my Nexus 5X. Everything just feels better, snappier. A perfect example is with the Blizzard WoW Legion app. The app just start up faster and is tighter. Also I get notifications which currently just doesn't work on Android.

It really got me thinking. Is apps performing better on iPhone due to the device / OS or is it just because the developers are spending more time focus on that platform? In other words is Blizzard spending more time on iPhone getting the app just right and releasing something on Android? I'm not sure but I'm getting a Mac Mini so I can start working on some Xamarin apps so I'll be posting some about that soon.


I'm am so far extremely satisfied with the iPhone. Well, so much as I'm getting a Mac Mini for development. I've not given up on Windows Phone and will defiantly purchase a Surface phone if one is ever released. However until then I'll be sporting my iPhone SE and experiencing the phone that millions have been using for years. #lol