The other day I was able to attend a small developer conference and I was expecting, well, a developer conference. However there were a couple of sessions on mental health and it really got me thinking.

I spend a lot of time on my physical health and some time (not enough) on my spiritual health. What about my mental health? Some may argue that your mental health is your spiritual health but I'm not sure. I was shocked to realize how many hours I spend working out my body for physical health but very little time on my mental health.

Recently I just switched jobs and one thing I noticed during the transition was I was not in a good mental state. Being that I love reflection, I'm really starting to think about why.

I'm a person who can easily get caught up in work and never take time to "relax or chill". It's even harder due to the fact that I work from home. I tend to forget what time to stop working. Even this weekend I'm having such a hard time not working because we have so much work to do. And I'm starting to feel like I'm slipping back into that unhappy state. The state of feeling like I'm not doing enough or that there is just too much to do.

I went through a phase in my life where I thought some people may need this off time but not me. I truly love what I do. I could not imagine doing anything else as a career and also as a hobby. I just love software development. This does not mean I don't need to engage in other things to unwind or decompress.

I find that with my work projects and my side projects it's easy for me to get into a place where I'm constantly feeling like I'm not producing enough. This leads to a constant form of pressure that can leave you with little energy. I find when I'm running low in energy that I make more mistakes and I tend to get upset really quickly.

I'm starting a new experiment where I'm forcing myself to not work on neither company or side projects at least one day a week. I'm intentionally taking a few hours to game, listen / read a book, or just watch a movie. I'm also starting to blog again so I can take the time to try and get some of my thoughts out and even share them with the world.