Wahoo, finally they release info on Windows 9... err I'm mean Windows 10. Some are upset over the version of Windows being 10. It doesn't matter to me if it's 9 or 10. It's just a number to identify the release of Windows. Now I've been having fun with it because every time someone ask why 10? I answer with because "7 ate 9"... lame but funny.

I was an early adopter of Windows 8. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Build where Windows 8 was launched. After build I ran the technical preview as my primary OS until it went RTM. I found Windows 8 to be refreshing and exciting. I think Windows 8 was a hit (for me) and look forward to what "improvements" Windows 10 will bring.

Soon as the "insider" program went live I immediately signed up and started my download. I installed a new shiny VM and started test driving the new features. I'm really enjoying the new changes. However my VM (Hyper-V) instance locked up twice so I was hesitant to go live with this as my primary OS. Two hours passed and I couldn't take it. I did an update to my Windows 8.1 to the latest and greatest preview. I'll run the technical preview as my main OS until it goes RTM.

My favorite change so far has been the change that allows modern application to run in a window. I was never a fan of full screen modern applications in "desktop mode" but I approach the idea with an open mind and attempted to like them. I just did not like using them. When using these applications on my tablets (Surface, Toshiba) then it made perfect sense to run in full screen. It was a pleasure to use these applications on these devices in "tablet mode". I feel this change of allowing both windowed and full screen modes will finally make modern applications useful on both types of devices.

The second change that I'm actually surprised I'm liking is the new start menu. I never thought there was anything wrong with the start screen in Windows and I never had any issues using it. When I heard Microsoft was bring back the start menu I questioned why? Yes, some missed the old menu and found the new start screen too much but I never did. After using the new start menu I'm finding it the best of both worlds. I find the new menu provided the same great experience of the old start menu with the fresh new tiles of the new start screen. I originally thought that I would prefer to keep the new start screen but now I'm really finding myself enjoying the new start menu. In just a few hours it has reduced the clutter on my main taskbar. Turns out I had just pinned every application I used to the taskbar...

All in all I think this release of Windows is defiantly headed in the right direction. I'm eager too see the small or large changes that will happen over the next few months. I hope I find this technical preview to be as stable as the Windows 8 preview was so I can run it as my primary OS until it goes RTM.