In the past I never really understood open source. Originally I thought "who would write code and just give it away". Are we not developers so we can make a living? Now I realize that there is definaintly a place for open and even free software.

A lot of what we create as developers are tools, frameworks, APIs for getting stuff done. These are not what we end up making our living on. Yes some do but not most (opinion than is back by 0% data). I feel these types of projects would be great to share with others. As I gain more experience I realize how much I enjoy sharing my passion with others. I love teaching others new things. I love learning new things. Open source isn't perfect and they are sometimes issues but there are a lot of really awesome projects that you can learn from.

Last year (2013) I started several open source projects on GitHub. You can view my profile here. I've found it very motivating and extremely fun. I'm now working on projects that are public and completely free! This gets us to the point of this post. I chose the MIT license because I want my projects to be an open and free as possible. The MIT license basically says anyone can do anything you want with any of my projects but I'm not liable if anything goes wrong.

Now I'm not saying other license are wrong. However for me I feel that if it's going to be open source then let anyone do what ever they want. Maybe this is ok for me because I'm not a corporation constantly thinking about profits. I do think that many corporations could provide much to the community without hurting their business or profits. My personal goal is to help others with open source projects that helps them become more productive as a developer.

I hope you'll look at my projects and hopefully find some of them useful. Rock on and Become EPIC!