What gear do you use? Here is what I use and why!

Asus ROG G750 (republic of gamers)

  • Processor: Intel Core i7 4700HG
    • Memory: 32GB DDR3L
    • Display: 17" HD LED Panel
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M
    • Storage: 2 x 500GB Samsung EVO SSDs in Raid 0

    Now why would I use a gaming laptop for development? Hello because it's freakin FAST. If you're like me you have a need for speed because you like getting things done. I must have gear that can run as fast as I can. No waiting for things to load. My SSDs allow me to process reads and writes at 1000 MB/s. Not just SSD speeds faster but think about the double the speeds of SSD.

    This means compiling is faster. This means loading projects is faster. This means merging is faster. This means your machine stays fast while running multiple VMs. This means everything you do is FASTER. Check this out. I can create a VM, install Windows 8.1, setup / login, then be on the desktop in only 8 minutes. How about building a solution with 65 projects in only 1m:30s when the build server takes a whopping 12+m. How awesome is that?

    Now does it matter? I think so. The more productive you are the more you can get done. The more you can get done the more money you make. Buying awesome fast gear is super important. Not shiny gear but fast gear. What do I mean my that? Don't go get something shiny and popular just because it's all shiny. Get gear that can give results based on real numbers. I would really love to have a Razer Blade 14" laptop but can I get raid 0? Nope, even though that machine is beautiful it cannot perform like my Asus.

    Get some rocking gear and become EPIC!