What does it mean when I label myself as a "Passionate Software Engineer"? Well the software engineer part is pretty obvious but what about the passionate part? It's easy to define but I want to share what it means to me.

It is awesome but it's also very hard. To be passionate is to care. To truly be committed to what you believe in. To spend hours and hours focus working on your craft. This means you'll hopefully spend most your time in the "zone" really creating something amazing but there's time you won't.

It's not easy loving what you do. Oh really? Yeah, it's true. You watch TV with shows and movies that make it seem so desirable to be passionate and live the dream. Many people, especially in the corporate world, will try to motivate people to get passionate about what they do. The problem is you cannot teach people passion. Passion comes from inside. It must come from the love of what you do.

Now those times when you are "in it" will be some of the best times in your life. They are times when I just cannot do anything else but get that idea out of my head. I get an idea and for days I cannot think about anything else. Someone once describe it to me as the "artist burden". Once you have the vision you have to stop anything you're doing and focus on that vision until you have released it to the world. I love being in the zone and making it happen. This is where the magic happens and you get it done!

There's times you'll be so frustrated you wonder why you even do what you do. Why? Many reasons from ridiculous projects, "8-5" co-workers, clueless managers, and the worst is yourself. Following your passion is hard and some days you'll think why am I doing this why you don't just quit and do something much simpler. There are times when I just don't want to do this anymore because it's just too frustrating. However there's something inside me that just won't give up. I have to move forward no matter what. Even being frustrated I could not imagine doing anything else.

I hope you are passionate about what you do but be warned for as much fun as it will be there will be very frustrating times. Do not let that stop you. If you find yourself frustrated I suggest you take the time to figure out why. Once you identify the issue then take the time to try figure it out and overcome it. However if you cannot directly overcome the issue then figure out a different path. Don't spend too much time trying to fix something if it's out of your control. You control your future and direction. Don't let anything stop you from reaching the next level.

Be strong and Become EPIC!