A few weeks ago the company I work for needed a small simple fast wiki to start documenting. I found the open source project named Roadkill. I have forked it to Roadkill: Opossum Edition or better named Roadkill OP. I liked the name for two reasons one is that the name had Opossum in it and I'm from the south and the second is that OP in the gaming community means "over powered". Anyway back on point. The original Roadkill used a modified version of MarkdownSharp.

Many months ago I started "yet another" markdown parser and named it MarkR. Yep, it came pretty soon after TestR... I found that creating my own processor from scratch was time consuming so I ended up just not doing it. What I decided to do was find the original source of MarkdownSharp and use it as the base for MarkR.

I have now removed the parser from Roadkill: OP and it is now just using MarkR. I've spend a bit of time fixing a few issues and adding in events for link and image filtering so you can do more custom references like in Roadkill you may reference a page like this.

[My Page] (My Page Title)

This could be handled in an event then turned into the proper internal link for the site. There is also the same type of event for images.

I spent a good amount of the previous weekend working on getting familiar with the code base and getting a few small issue fixed. I'm super excited about continuing to work on the parser and also to get some performance numbers. I'm sure they'll be a follow up post about the results.