Many people, like me, hate being wrong. Why would you be OK being wrong? We let's start there. Are you always going to be right? No. Do you know everything. No. Then why is it not OK to be wrong? It's not accepted to be wrong because we been trained that we MUST succeed! Failure is not an option.

Eh, yeah it's an option and we can fail... trust me... we will be wrong and yep there's a pretty good chance we will fail.

Question is how will you respond to the failure? Will you learn and change so you can stop being wrong. We can change then retry and boom succeed. Most people get so hung up on being wrong (failing) that they have a hard time learning why, adjusting, then trying again so they can succeed.

What is not acceptable is continuing to be wrong and not learning when you are wrong. Learn to accept being wrong and that it's not a reflection on you personally if you are wrong. It only reflects poorly on you if you never change.

Learn to learn why you were wrong. This way you can adjust and become EPIC!