Today I was thinking about the idea of "how do you know if you are good at what you do?". I think I know but what do you think?

Take a minute and think about that...

I think if you get good results when you do what you do then... you are good at what you do. Yep, it's as simple as that. In my opinion the results of your actions determines if you are good at what you do. What else matters other that results?

What about software development?

Do you always complete your sprint on time? Does your build always work? Does your testing team (QA, etc) always approve your releases candidates? Do you constantly get feedback from your customers on how your software always works and they love it? If so then maybe you should consider good if not great at what you do.

What if you are getting the opposite response... well you are not good at what you do. One of the core values of the company I work for is "understand reality". Take the time to understand reality... the reality is that you are not good at what you do.

Now there is hope!

You cannot help what talent you are born with but you can determine and control your skill set. Maybe you should focus on your skill set and level them up! You can work on your skills. You can focus on learning more and more about software development and fixing those issues that you are seeing. I have spent countless hours reading, coding, and just basically experiencing code. Learn how to fix your build server. Learn how to unit test your software so you quit breaking existing features. Learn how to say NO to over booked sprints. These are things YOU can change. These are things you can always focus on and get better at. Now it will take time... a lot of time but it's so worth it.

I encourage you to...

...continue to master your skills and become that EPIC coder you should be! Rock on and become EPIC!